2011年3月10日 星期四

Photoshop User 雜誌 [2011年03月號]

Photoshop User is widely recognized as the most trusted resource for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom training, advice, and how-to information for the graphic design, photography, and digital arts worlds.

Features include:
  • Down & Dirty Tricks - Creating Cool Color Graphics from Scratch
  • Down & Dirty Tricks - Super Simple Tyle Effect
  • Down & Dirty Tricks - Spooky, Shadowy Figure
  • Last Day of Winter - Winter Shooting Tips
  • From Bert's Studio - The Five O'Clock Shadow
  • Deke Space - Making Ice Type
  • Classic Effects - Customizable Background Effects
  • Graphic Secrets - Matching Colors
  • Photoshop Mastery - Exaggerate Interface Elements in Screen Shots for Better Visibility
  • Beginners' Workshop - Bridge Output
  • Creative Point of View - High Dynamic Portraiture
  • Digital Photographer's Notebook - Content-Aware Retouching
  • The Fine Art of Printing - Good Prints Nees Good Color Management
  • Beyond Photoshop - Processing Video with Stack Modes in CS5 Extended

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100% Photoshop: Create Stunning Illustrations Without Using Any Photographs
EXCEL 巨集教學 (Excel Macro)

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